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Our Topics feature: All News. Your Topics.

Newsadoo is your digital daily newspaper that you carry in your pocket. It's free and takes just a few clicks to create. Just choose your favorite sources or swipe through our trending stories that show you the hottest articles. If you want to see how different media cover an event, our bundles are a top tip for you. New: Our Topics feature helps you stay up to date on your interests.

Our contribution to your overview - Topics

You love to hike? Manchester United is your club and you could read exciting articles about Elon Musk every day, but it's hard for you to be – and stay – up to date? Then we have something for you: All articles on your favorite topic from newspapers and magazines.

Topics summarized:

  • With our Topics feature, you can easily create topic pools that contain articles on the keywords (tags) you have defined.

  • You no longer have to search for all the news from various websites, but have them compactly in just one service. Wasting hours on scrolling and searching through newspaper websites is over.

  • Your daughter is also a fan of Manchester United? Your best friend is in yoga fever right now? Share your news with friends and family. Or, if you like, with the whole Newsadoo community.

You can easily use the Topics function in our free, cross-system service. It's powered by an artificial intelligence algorithm and a business model that's shaping the digital future of news publishing.

Want to try out our Topics feature? Download the app for free here:


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