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Explained for you: the different types of topics

The Topics feature includes several topic categories, as you may have noticed. Here is a short overview for you:

Private Topic

Secret Kardashian follower? You don't want to miss any Apple hype – but your entire circle of friends consists of die-hard Android users? Trump drama is better than cinema for you, even if you would never admit it? Your interests, your news – your private topic does not appear in the search, but can be shared with others via link.

Public Topic

You want to share your topic with other Newsadoo users, because: That topic is super exciting and as many people as possible should know about it? Create your topic as a Public Topic so that it can be found by others. Need some new inspiration? Follow the topics of other users for news updates.

Official Topic

In Newsadoo there are many topics that have been editorially created for you and that you can easily follow. Being up to date has never been so easy. Are you interested in a certain company, institution or person? Then just sit back, relax and start reading!

Create the topic of your choice now and follow your favorite topics! Download the app now for free.


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