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All opinions, one topic, your overview – our bundles

One headline on a topic is not enough for you? You want different points of view from different media? Then we have something for you: Our bundles show you all articles on a headline at a glance. This makes them comparable and exaggerations or understatements visible.

Why diversity is important

Get out of the filter bubble! Our bundles offer a way out of one's own bubble. Anyone who follows different media will find that events can be examined from different angles and packaged in different formulations. Those who rely on only one medium therefore miss out on an overview of the overall event. On a large scale, this can often have a major impact – on politics, the economy and society.

Back in time: When Trump wanted to buy Greenland

A specific example of a different tone in news articles gives us former president Donald Trump. During his time in office, there was breaking news about his attempt to 'buy' Greenland. Many reports were neutral in their coverage, while other headlines said Trump acted 'childish' and later, after Greenland's rejection, 'offended'. You can see: Not all headlines are the same. They are at least as diverse as the people who write them.

Channels vs. bundles: Where's the difference?

As explained before: Bundles refer to an event and show how other media report on it. Headlines are therefore comparable at a glance. Channels, on the other hand, collect all articles on one topic: In your LASK channel, you will not only find the latest articles on match results, but also interviews with the players. You can read our blog article about channels here.

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