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How To: How do I create a topic?

Step by step: With this short guide we show you how to create a topic. Guaranteed easier than learning to dance the Macarena. Or making microwave popcorn. But you could treat yourself to the latter when you spend time discovering your topic.

  1. Let’s go home! On the home page or on the Topics page – click the yellow plus to start creating your topic.

  2. Now choose your tags. These are the keywords related to what you would like to collect in your topic. Newspaper articles that contain this tag will be displayed later in your topic.

  3. Last step: Give your topic a name and share it with your friends! By default, your topic is set to public. This means it will show up in the Newsadoo search and can be followed by others. If you don't want this, you can easily change it in the settings. But you can share your private topic via a link.

Want to try that out? Download the app now for free:


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