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Pop-ups are annoying? Read Quickview!

Many of our user requests revolve around the small, gray text icon next to some newspaper and magazine logos. You're not sure what the term 'Quickview' in our kiosk means? Then we have the answer for you here:

Quickview - what's that?

Very simple: You will not be directed to the website of the source, but you can read articles directly in our service. If you still want to look at the original article, you'll find a button at the top that takes you to the original website.

And what does that do for me as a user?

You'll benefit from an improved reading experience. Quickview articles help you to follow your news in an easy and comfortable way without having to fight your way through a jungle of blinking banners and pop-ups. Long loading times are a thing of the past. So you can see what's really important right away: the headline you want to read.

Then why not include all sources as Quickview?

Unlike other news services that include magazine and newspaper content, we have a contract with all media. This guarantees that publishers receive a fair share of the revenues - after all, it is important to us that the diversity of publishers is maintained in the long term. The contract also regulates whether we may display content via Quickview. We are already working on this for you: More sources with Quickview will be added weekly.

Do you have questions or feedback? Feel free to send us a mail to!


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