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Newsadoo – your News Republic alternative

News Republic has said goodbye. On March 14, the platform went out of business after ten years. Looking for an alternative? We are here for you.

Features, features, features

We've got something for you. Newsadoo is feature-packed, free, and built on European values, such as privacy. At our kiosk, you'll find hundreds of newspapers and magazines from around the world. Wonder if we can tell you more? Sure we can:

Personalized timeline thanks to Newsabot

Maybe you already know the artificial intelligence behind Newsadoo: Our Newsabot not only guides you through our service, but also personalizes your news feed according to your interests. Tens of thousands of news articles are analyzed in detail every day in the background. From the results, a 300-dimensional vector is built, describing each article in detail, for example sentiment, location, names, etc. On the user side, the same thing happens. This makes it possible to precisely match the interests of our users. These vectors are compared with each other. The result? A personalized timeline that is perfectly aligned with your interests.

Get to know different standpoints with our Bundles

Ciao, filter bubble! Are you interested in opinions outside your bubble? You want all headlines on a topic at a glance, so that over- and understatements are quickly visible? Our bundles show how different media report on a topic.

Always up to date with our Channels

Be honest - what's your favorite topic? Soccer fan or Kardashian supporter? Simply create a channel for your interests and get all articles at a glance. You can find a blogpost about channels here.

However you like it - our Dark Mode

Light or dark? You decide! After numerous requests from users, Newsadoo has also been available in dark mode since last year.

But honestly? Anyone can talk. That's why you might be interested in information about Newsadoo from various media, such as Goosed, TechCrunch, or The Launch Checklist. Take a look at our blog here and see for yourself. If you have any feedback or questions, feel free to contact us at We are looking forward to it!

Download Newsadoo here for free:


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