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Integration options.

Newsadoo BUSINESS offers a variety of ways to present news where it is relevant to readers.

Horizontal integration

The horizontal integration using HTML-iFrame is intended to display an excerpt of articles from a topic timeline. At the end of the Topic-timeline, the user can be redirected to the full list of newscards.

Vertical integration

The vertical integration via HTML-iFrame offers the possibility to display a complete Topic-timeline. Depending on your needs, the topic header can be hidden to display only the newscards themselves.

Grid integration

The grid integration via HTML-iFrame offers the possibility to display a variety of newscards. The number of columns of the grid display can be chosen by the user. The minimum size of the newscards is 180 px and can reduce the number of columns in case of insufficient space.

Split view

The Split view allows you to display a selection of Topics, as well as the articles of the currently selected Topic in grid view below. You can display the Topic selection either as pills or as Topic-tiles.
All details about the integrations are summarized here:
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