• Anna

"The cmd-z key is only available for one of them."

UI vs. tattoo design: Fabian Krenn is probably one of the most creative heads at Newsadoo. Every animation, every video runs through his fingers - pardon, over his screen. No matter if it's Newsabot, a product folder or a Facebook advertising video. What he likes about his work and what links UI design with skin art, can be read in this interview:

You work as a UI designer at Newsadoo. And you have an unusual side job. What do the two areas have in common?

I've been working at Newsadoo for two years now and I'm responsible for all designs, animations and videos. Since this year I'm also training in a tattoo studio in Vienna - before that I 'beautified' myself, pigskin and some friends. Of course there are similarities. With both you need a certain feeling for composition, colors and contrasts. Especially with UI design, you need a certain amount of imagination to understand whether the user can understand the presentation and the processes. When tattooing, however, it is important to know how the motif behaves in the skin over a long period of time. With digital design there are constantly updates, but a tattoo is (in the best case) for eternity. The cmd-z button is only available for one of them.

InDesign, Photoshop, After Effects - what's your favorite playground?

No matter which program - the most fun is when I can design things according to my own ideas. For example, designing app prototypes, creating small animations for interactions and bringing them to life in After Effects. When everything comes together in the end, that's the best feeling. It gets more tedious when you have to prepare assets in many different ways. Or when you have to accommodate many explanations when space is limited. That's a challenge.

Now to the question that is probably on the minds of many: Would you get a tattoo of the Newsadoo logo?

We can discuss that with pleasure after a nice salary increase.

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