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Newsadoo receives 2,2 million for further growth

After the entry of Raiffeisen Innovation Invest in autumn 2019, Newsadoo has now been able to set up further growth financing for the next steps this year. In this financing round, Newsadoo has received a total of around 2.2 million euros in fresh capital from existing investors, FFG and aws.

"Our current focus is on further technological development and product experience. We have launched a new version last week and are continuously improving the system from sprint to sprint. We will use the capital for the next steps in our growth plan, with the goal of becoming the technologically leading and most widely used European news application. We're on track," said Newsadoo founder David Böhm.

A few days ago, Newsadoo was honored as an internationally leading technology start-up at the MTL Tech Awards 2020 in Montreal (Canada) and the Digital Publishing Award 2020 in Frankfurt (Frankfurt Book Fair). On the American technology platform ProductHunt, Newsadoo was immediately voted "Product of the Day" last week and further "Product of the Week" by the community after the launch of the new version. In the world's leading American news portal for technology and internet "TechCrunch", Editor-at-Large Mike Butcher put Newsadoo at the top of the list of "remarkable startups" from Austria in October.


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